— Reiki Healing Sessions —


Reiki healing sessions work along the chakra system — activating & balancing your energy centers & removing blockages, so that your life force, or Ki, can flow freely and naturally.

Reiki, plants, crystals & sound create a bridge to the mystery of the unseen. I believe it is there — in between worlds — in this liminal space where the most deeply profound & spontaneous healing can take place. Between asleep & awake, spirit — or the subconscious, speaks to us in dream language. A poetry of symbols, color, sensation, emotion & memory. Your imagination reveals what has been underneath — what is surfacing to be healed.

This can be much like a guided journey. Everyone is capable of this experience. However, us modern people hold much resistance, and it can take a few sessions of clearing before we can start to tune in and feel.

There will be time at the end for a dream analysis. I, too, enter the dreamtime, and we will weave together our experiences to illuminate meaning in the messages. You will leave with exercises & ritual to continue the work.

These sessions move energy, inspire transformation & clear the way — they are not a quick fix. The healing path is deeply personal & open-ended. It is the great joy of my life to help you walk it.

— offering in these locations —

AY^AM on the Wetlands in Playa del Rey - 90 minutes on an infrared amethyst crystal biomat - every Monday - additional times and days possible - ayamlife.com $160

Madre Fitness and Wellness in Eagle Rock - 60 minutes - one Sunday a month - madrela.com $120

In-home sessions - 90 minutes plus set up and break down - email for availability $200-$250


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